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Each year, the Beta Rho Property Corporation is preserving the memories of three  Sigma Nus through plaques that will be displayed at the house. Learn more about the lifelong loyal brothers for whom these awards are presented.

Ralph "Rox" Reynolds '23
Ralph was born right around the turn of the century in 1900. He was an active member of the Propco from his graduation in 1923 until he passed away in 1989. As a Sigma Nu, he assumed a strong leadership position that greatly contributed to the long term survival of Beta Rho during the lean years. He was also known as a great communicator with the active brothers. He and his wife Toni held many get togethers with the E-Board and Propco members at their home every spring with great hors d'oeuvres and good libations, an event that everyone looked forward to. He was famous for his "Reynold's punch" – a sinful mix made of a bottle of Saturn, a fifth of Southern Comfort, champagne and a block of ice. He also was a Division Commander for National. He was the "Rock".

Bill Bentley '50
Bill was an active member of the PropCo after he graduated in 1950 and was president of the Board for many, many years. He personally financed a major remodeling of the house in the late '60s until we were able to obtain a loan from the bank. He also negotiated a loan for $30,000 with the University in 1981 to install the sprinkler system that exists today. After Rox and Toni stopped hosting the spring affair, Bill and Anita continued the annual tradition at their home. He remained an active member of the PropCo until he unexpectedly passed away of a heart attack on June 30, 1991. He truly personified what it meant to be a dedicated Sigma Nu who cared greatly about the fraternity through his entire life.

Jim Crummett '64
Jim's service commenced shortly after his graduation in 1964. He was a chaperone for our parties on numerous occasions. Of course, he was playing pool or poker and taking our money in the meantime. He was truly a party animal and the life of the party as an undergraduate. Jim was a dedicated and valued member of the Propco for more than 15 years, serving both as Treasurer and Legal Counsel. He was responsible for purchasing all the equipment and supplies when we refurbished the kitchen in 2001. He was also instrumental in obtaining furniture for the brother's rooms during his tenure. He truly exemplified what it meant to be a Sigma Nu for life.