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Hartwell Davis Jr. '59 writes: "Of the thousands of graduates in class of '59, 100% with whom I have contact with are my Beta Rho buddies. When I add in the brothers of nearby classes, it is still 100%. The Beta Rho Sigma Nu connection endures.

It is hard to say what IT is but Beta Rho has always had IT. Is it that we were a block or two removed from the cookie-cutter houses one block over? Yes, in part; nobody ever came into 3819 thinking he was at some other fraternity house, there's no confusing us with anybody else. Is it that we have our own house and aren't just tenants? Probably a little bit. Is that we have always attracted the guy who is looking for something different, something better? I think that's even more of IT. While at Penn and ever after, I have felt we had something special the other Greeks don't, and don't know they don't. May Beta Rho always keep the IT!

For today's actives and grads of less than 30, 40, 50 years, here's a message: The Beta Rho connection never gets less important! Being at Beta Rho seems like just a few years ago . . ."

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