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In a day and age where negative fraternity-involved events make for juicy headline news, and where the Greek culture seems to be changing from a values-based, character developing undergraduate experience to a fun-filled four-year party, it is more important than ever that we, as alumni, join forces to preserve the true legacy of the Greek experience.

This blog post is a great testament to the lifelong experience of being Greek, and hopefully a good reminder to you to honor your commitment to and renew your participation with Sigma Nu in your alumni years.

An excerpt from the blog reads "Being Greek means being a part of something far bigger than yourself. Not only are you part of a community, but you're also part of a history and a tradition. From the moment you're initiated until the day you die you're expected to honor your founders, breathe your values, and live your creed. While it takes someone special to receive a bid, it takes someone even more special to become an official member of one of our organizations. Being Greek is both a responsibility and a privilege."

What are your thoughts? After reading the blog come back to weigh in in the comments section.