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Q: Many years ago, you decided to join Sigma Nu. What made you make that decision? What made Sigma Nu different than other fraternities on campus? 

A: I rushed a couple of fraternities, but Sigma Nu was the most welcoming, not only to me but to my freshman roommate Lou Earle and the two men who roomed across the hall from us in Ashurst in the Quad, Roger Rader and Bob Chiarito. Sigma Nu was interested in all four of us, which enabled us to remain friends throughout our college years and beyond, while forging new friendships with our Sigma Nu pledge class and upper-class brothers

Q: What is your favorite memory of the fraternity? 

A: It’s hard to single out one. Meals were always an opportunity for camaraderie, while Christmas parties for underprivileged kids in West Philly and the way the brothers pitched in when the SAM house next door caught fire brought out the best in everyone.

Q: You had a long career as a producer for NBC news.  What do you attribute to your success in the television industry and working with NBC? 

A: A good Penn liberal arts education and a curiosity about the world beyond my own backyard.  And I learned early on that challenging the assumptions no matter how solid they may appear was always an integral part of being a good journalist.

Q: If someone wanted to become a producer, what should be their first step? 

A: There is no one clear or guaranteed path to success, especially as the media landscape keeps shifting almost daily. Get a foot in the door, whether it be at a local station or a network, cultivate relationships and hone as many skills as possible. 

Q: Finally, do you have any advice for the current undergraduates? 

A: “Follow your dream” has become the ultimate commencement address cliché. But clichés sometimes actually exist for a reason. Don’t simply settle for something because pragmatism tells you that you should. And if you can afford the luxury of “Taking a year off” before entering the “real” word, it’s a great time to experience life through travel and volunteerism.