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Beta Rho Property Company strives to facilitate lifelong friendships among alumni brothers, and provide support for the current active chapter so that our fraternity positively impacts the lives of young men, and maintains a strong legacy at Penn.

While we are thankful for our loyal donors who make a commitment each year, we are seeking more alumni participation. In reality, we receive voluntary financial contributions from between 80-90 alumni brothers—most of whom renew their gifts annually. This represents about 11% of Beta Rho alumni with whom we maintain contact through email and snail mail.

Needless to say, we are grateful for these loyal brothers and we celebrate them in published honor rolls.

While we are grateful for continued support, it’s important to look at our giving figures with a more critical eye.

  • Annually, 80-90 donors support the alumni association with an average gift of $230 (in other words, among those 80-90 donors, some already give $100 or far more)
  • Around 89% of alumni do not support the alumni association

As an alumni association, our ultimate goal is to increase alumni participation. Gifts of all sizes make a difference in our efforts to keep Beta Rho alumni connected and help our active chapter thrive. If you can give $100 or more, we appreciate your support. If you can give at all, we appreciate your support the same. In the end, we are seeking more alumni to participate in our mission.

Now, here’s a look at how we put your dues, gifts, donations, whatever term we use, to work:

Undergraduates rely on our financial assistance to participate in the many enriching opportunities we provide.

Our professional communications program is a core part of keeping us connected; this program is supported by alumni donations, and as postage and printing costs increase, we need additional support to keep it going.

As any homeowner knows, facilities repairs will be an ongoing area of need.

Last year, we raised $22,303 from 99 generous donors. Our new giving year started September 1, 2015 and runs until August 31. We started strong this year thanks to 17 generous donors who have given a total of $4,660.

To join these brothers and help our chapter thrive, visit www.betarhoalumni.com and make a gift or send a check payable to Beta Rho Alumni Chapter to:

Sigma Nu
University of Pennsylvania
Alumni Relations Processing Center
P.O. Box 7007
Albert Lea, MN 56007-8007

Why These Alumni Are Giving Back:

“I received many benefits during my undergraduate days and am just trying to give a slight payment in return.”

 “I believe Sigma Nu was one of the better parts of my college experience. I have friendships that have lasted over thirty years!”

“Because of the warm hospitality I always receive when I visit the house.”

“So that the tradition may continue and be available to current and future chapter brothers”

“Over the years I have received an untold number of requests for donations from the two undergraduate institutions that I attended back in the 60's (a school now known as Shenandoah University and University of Pennsylvania). Sigma Nu is a better choice. My fondest memories of my time at U of P revolve around the fraternity, and my "small" donation will be put to use on real, tangible projects. Helping to repair the front porch and replacing porcelain plumbing fixtures is far more tangible. It is said that we should think globally but act locally - giving to insure the future of the building at 3819 Walnut Street is definitely acting local.”