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Thanks to loyal alumni support, we completed about $246,600 worth of renovations to the Chapter house from 2013 to 2015, including installing a new front entrance, building a new pool room in the basement, installing new sprinklers, purchasing new furniture for Chapter Room, Rox/Bellak Room, and Dining Room, and much more! Click HERE to see the full list of completed renovations.

This year, we are still striving to make improvements to the house. On our wish list of projects include:

• Replacing the front porch roof
• Renovating the six remaining bedrooms (repairing walls and ceilings, painting, carpeting, and replacing doors as required)
• Repaving the parking lot

To help support these improvements, MAKE A GIFT. Thanks for all you’ve helped us to accomplish in the past few years. Please consider renewing your support this year to help fund these important upgrades.