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Young Alumni Tell us Why They’ve Joined the Property Company

In celebration of National Volunteer Month (April), we’d like to take a moment to recognize all the dedicated volunteers in the Property Company who keep Beta Rho Chapter alive and well. Volunteering is certainly a large commitment when you’re working a full-time job and are juggling family responsibilities and other priorities.

Our chapter is fortunate to have a wonderful group of volunteers, including many young alumni, who give freely of their time and effort to ensure our continued success.

Jared Slipman '13

Jared Slipman ’13 is one such volunteer.

“So many young alumni graduate, and then come back to donate their time with Property Company,” he says. “We all felt so connected to Sigma Nu when we were in school, so to maintain that connection, while working to ensure that the next generations have a similar—and hopefully even better—experience, is tremendously rewarding on both levels.”

Jared says he got involved because he felt like he owed something in return for all that Sigma Nu gave him.

“It goes without saying that my college experience wouldn’t be the same without Sigma Nu,” he says. “The surprising part is how much it’s impacted my life after school. Most of my closest friends are fraternity brothers. Living in Philadelphia and working full time, I’ve spent most of my social time outside of work with fraternity brothers either in my pledge class or from the class right above mine. We all share similar characteristics and look at the world through a similar lens.”

“There is certainly a Sigma Nu culture, which focuses on honestly, decency, and hard work,” he admits, “but, when I look at Sigma Nu, it isn’t Greek letters or “Sigma Nu values” that had an impact on my life—it’s the people. In general, I believe that’s what makes a fraternity what it is. So, Sigma Nu is found in the people I spend my time with, and my continuing life experiences with them are what help to shape my perspectives and views.”

His favorite memory by far was watching the Kentucky Derby with his brothers.

“It was an event that captured what the fraternity was all about,” he explains. “We would set the TV up on the porch, and bring all the chairs outside. Matt Sommer ’12 would make mint Juleps, and we would all enjoy each other’s company on the front porch of the house while the race was on TV. It wasn’t about drinking or partying in any way. In fact, no one drank to excess…it wasn’t even about the race. I don’t think anyone even watched the horse race. It was all about enjoying the time you have with your brothers, and it was always great, without fail.”

As a part of the Property Company now, Jared says, “I’ve gained a keen appreciation for the effort and time it takes to keep everything on track and moving forward.”

More importantly, he feels the powerful impact that the presence of young alumni in the Property Company is having on the chapter.

“It’s been great for the current brothers, because they feel that there’s a tremendous connection now between undergrads and alumni,” he explains. “It makes the experience extend beyond the boundaries of school. I think they feel that they have advocates in the Property Company, and now also understand that while we take the short term goals of the brotherhood incredibly seriously, we do have longer term goals for Sigma Nu beyond their college tenure. This dynamic wasn’t so well understood, or perhaps, accepted, but three years ago. Now it is, and that’s been extremely positive for both the Property Company and the brotherhood. I think the fraternity is moving to the next level.”

Joshua L. Chilcote '15

Fellow Property Company volunteer, Joshua L. Chilcote ’15, has a similar story.

“I had an exceptionally positive experience during my time at the fraternity,” he says, acknowledging that Beta Rho Chapter was critical to his success at Penn.

“Coming from a very small farm town in northern Wisconsin, finding a home at Penn was really important to me in order to really survive my time at Penn,” Josh says. “Quite honestly, I would not have been able to successfully acclimate to Penn if I didn't get the amazing network of friends that were made so quickly and have been with me from the pledge process through my first year of post-grad.”

He enjoyed “late nights spent in the Chapter room, or even on the stairs, laughing, talking, sharing inside jokes, and simply hanging out (drunken or not) for hours and hours with other brothers.”

“I gained, more than anything, a group of friends who can always be counted on to show up, to take a call, and to share the history of being a Beta Rho,” Josh says.

Those sentiments are exactly what inspired him to join the board. “I wanted to assure that other brothers, in the future, have a similarly strong experience. I've always been very involved with boards within the university and currently work for Penn. So I wanted to combine my desire to help facilitate the house with my experience working within the university, joining the group that supports the brothers and actively manages our home.”

“Since joining, I've already gained a very strong understanding of the operations and business of the house, but, more so, gained a strong appreciation for the other alumni that are giving back their time to the house, all because of their love for an organization that they, no longer, get direct benefit from, but feel an inherent attachment to,” he continued.

Class of ’15 Before Final Formal
Back 5 from left to right: Ian Wenik, Peter Tian, Harry Robinson, Jordan Holmes, Hunter Schlacks
Middle 6 from left to right: Jake Albano, Brandon Krieger, Chris Bessette, Raul Zablah, Shaun Ayrton, me Front
4 from left to right: Paul Calhoun, Akhilesh Goswami, Cruz Vargas, Manuel Sainz de la Peña

We’re glad to have enthusiastic, passionate alumni, like Jared and Josh, as part of our board.
Thank you to both of them, and all the others who have stepped up to the plate and made Beta Rho a priority!

Are you a board member? Or have you donated time and/ or money to Beta Rho? Let us know what inspires you to do so HERE