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Q: Why is it important for alumni to give back to their chapter in their alumni years?

A: “On a pragmatic level, the House itself constantly needs repairs, and Beta Rho chapter relies on alumni donations to fund these.  But on a more philosophic level, alumni donations and involvement create a great connection to the past that puts the history of the Chapter in context.  The house has gone through a lot of different phases as far as the type of member over the years, and alumni involvement from each of these phases helps the current brotherhood to understand their place in the Chapter and to hone their communication and networking skills with a group that is probably a lot more varied and mixed than the current brotherhood is at any point.”   

Q: Why are you proud to be a member of Sigma Nu?

A: “I am very proud of the ideals of Sigma Nu: Love, Truth, Honor.  They are wonderful ideals that we should all strive to live by and follow. And I am proud of the chapter that we helped to rebuild while I was in the house, which by all measures has been very healthy and active since I graduated in 2005, and I am happy that the Chapter has maintained the high academic achievement that we tried to make an essential part of the brotherhood.”     

Q: What is new in your life today?  Give us an update 

A: “Our son Levi is two-and-a-half years old, running around and talking up a storm, and a tremendous amount of fun.  On the professional side, I just received a prestigious K99/R00 “Pathway to [Research] Independence” Grant from the National Cancer Institute, which will provide the funds for me to become an Assistant Professor and open my own laboratory in molecular cancer biology at a research institution.  I will be looking for tenure-track positions in about one year and am very much looking forward to the next stage of my career!”