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We recently received a submission from Brother Joe Carvin '71. He Writes:

"I remember Kevin Koons ‘70 well, and favorably -- not just because of the $80 I won from you that night cutting a deck of cards, but because you were mature and dedicated beyond your years. Sigma Nu is lucky to have you aboard.

Does anyone recall Smokey Joe's Tavern, next door to the house? Anyone recall the huge credenza they put out on the sidewalk that I hauled into my room, and into the surface of which I carved and painted a Thousand-Armed Kannon? When I left Beta Rho in 1970, I couldn't take the whole credenza, but I cut out an 18” x 24" piece of the top that contained the Kannon, and I have kept the doggone thing for 46 years, I pulled it out a few weeks ago, re-varnished it and plan to use it in this year's edition of my annual Halloween Haunted House. The Latin inscription I wrote beneath the Kannon is still there -- "RELIQUIA FUMOSI CAUPONAE IOSEPHI ET AEDIFICII ILLUSTRI ET SITUS BACCHANALIORUM.” (Remains of Smokey Joe's Tavern - An Illustrious Edifice and Site of Revelry). Ah, how far we've come from those days of our youth."