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Record Numbers Align with National Trend

Greek Life is booming at the University of Pennsylvania, as evidenced by the fact that the IFC had at least twice as many students sign up for recruitment. Sigma Nu, in particular, is seeing an increase in interest in fraternity life. In fact, this year had a record number of students in the pledging process, nearly 300. According to the current President, Will Archer '18—and confirmed by a recent article in The Daily Pennsylvanian—the increased interest is across the board, with rush numbers almost doubling and more people accepting bids than in previous years.

 “There’s definitely been more interest in Greek Life,” Archer says. “As a community, we’ve been much more vocal on issues that face our organizations and have started to work together through several initiatives on campus.”

This year, Sigma Nu's legacy of excellence continued, with the chapter accepting 23 out of 24 bids and the current pledge class standing at 17. The fraternity had a 96% bid acceptance rate, making it one of the best in the recruitment pool. As a result, diversity is strong within Sigma Nu.

“With over half of the class being international, we have a high level of diversity that’s been unprecedented from previous years,” explains Archer. “We have representatives from many different facets of Penn as well, including athletes (Penn Fencing), club team members (Golf, Baseball), and academics (Huntsman, M&T).”

Archer has also seen a shift in the mentality of the pledges, with students exuding more confidence in their decision to get involved Greek Life.

“Kids are coming into rush wanting to join Greek Life and not just seeing what it is like,” he says.

This trend is aligning with a national increase of interest in Greek Life over the past decade. According to the Washington Post, Greek Life has seen a 45% increase overall in new pledges to fraternities since 2005. Campuses that didn’t have them before are also getting on board with the rise of their popularity. In fact, as reported by the New Jersey Institute of Technology, in the past five years more than 100 colleges and universities have opened their doors for the first time to fraternities.

It’s easy to see why students would enhance their college experience by joining a fraternity. The Greek system has proven benefits for students. A recent Gallup poll by the North-American Interfraternity Conference and the National Panhellenic Conference revealed that those who identified themselves as members of fraternities and sororities scored better in overall well-being, workplace engagement, collegiate support, experiential learning, and alumni attachment.

Additionally, being involved in Greek Life teaches students the importance of community and philanthropy. The Greek system is the largest network of volunteers in the United States, with members donating more than 10 million hours of volunteer service each year.

As for an increased interest in Sigma Nu, Archer credits public outreach and group partnership. “Our brothers are more active in both numbers and participation, and their commitment to bettering the institution cannot be understated,” he says.

Sigma Nu alumni play a part in the success as well. “Alumni have become a huge focus of the chapter, and we have been actively seeking new involvement as well,” Archer says. “We think we can provide not only the best college experience, but the best alumni experience as well.”

What This Means for Alumni

You can count yourself as an alum of one of the best fraternities in the country. You are part of the few and proud Beta Rho alumni, and you've helped to renovate our house and support our undergraduates, all of which has helped us climb our way to the top. Will our undergrads have an experience like you and go on to lead successful lives like you do? They can with your help. Your support will ensure we can keep our chapter going strong, remain competitive with other fraternities, and continue to recruit outstanding pledge classes. Make a gift today to support these efforts.

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