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What’s New in Your Life?

Brother James Stuber C ’70 has authored a new book, entitled What if Things Were Made in America Again: How Consumers Can Rebuild the Middle Class by Buying Things Made in American Communities.

“The book is about offshoring jobs, how it’s hollowing out the economy and our future, and how consumers can solve the problem,” he writes. “I’m grateful to the staff at Van Pelt, where I researched and wrote the book during most of the last three years. I hope the book is a wakeup call, and I’m forming 'Made in America Again' (www.miaa.us) to continue the work I started with the book.”

According to the website, MIAA's mission is "to build healthy communities through quality jobs, by moving consumer spending to products made in those communities." Their goal is “to balance trade by moving $500 billion in consumer spending from foreign to American suppliers, creating nearly six million jobs. [They] hope the example [they] set will spread, and MIAA will become part of a larger movement that rebuilds the hollow core of our economy, and people in communities across America can say, ‘we make things here again.’”

Congratulations to James on his new book and admirable efforts to improve the economy!

As we celebrate this achievement of a fellow brother, we’re seeking to document the noteworthy achievements of other Beta Rho Chapter brothers.

Have you achieved something great during your career, or even just have a career update to share? Do you know someone else whose has led a successful career? Let us know by submitting an update.

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