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Steve Dolcemaschio reminds us all how much brotherhood means throughout life...

I joined Sigma Nu for two reasons.  Initially, a few of my freshman friends discovered Sigma Nu, they spoke very highly of the fraternity/its brothers, and suggested I go check it out.  I should add that my freshman friends who made this suggestion were also living in the same dorm on the same floor as me in the Quad.

When I went to Sigma Nu and met the brothers, it was quickly clear that I liked the brothers a lot as well as the vibe of the house.  There was an immediate personal connection with the brothers, I felt right “at home” in the house, and simply put, I knew this was the place for me.

The fact that my fellow freshman friends were feeling the same way was also very important.  We all liked living together in the Quad so the prospect of joining the same fraternity together was also a very attractive consideration.

I lived in the house the next three years and the experience was amazing.  As I reflect on those years, it was truly a family like experience.  Deep friendships were forged, lots of life lessons were learned, and a foundation was set for even more fabulous experiences in the future.

There were so many special moments/memories that I can’t point to one or two as favorites.  I’ll just say that the most memorable thing about the experience was the depth of the connections we made with each other.  Naturally, some were deeper than others but overall, the experience was unique.  Why do I say this?

Well, the fact that 20-30 Sigma Nu Beta Rho brothers (Class of ‘76 to ‘79) still get together annually for a reunion (that’s not organized by/at Penn) is a testament to the depth of the connection that we have made with each other.  Many thanks to Andy Adelson and Jeff Kronthal for opening up their beautiful homes to us for our gatherings over these many years.

In addition, smaller groups of brothers meet throughout each year for different reasons.  Of course, in more recent years, those additional get-togethers have included bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings and other visits such that the connection has the added depth of involving each others' children.  I am under the impression it is not common or typical for such a large group of brothers to stay so closely connected to each other.

My fraternity experience has impacted my life in many ways over the years through and up to today.  Overall, in addition to having wonderful friends that are truly brothers is amazing and I cherish any opportunity to see any of my brothers at any point in time each year.  But I must add, that by my association with and through each and every Sigma Nu brother with whom I shared any amount of time with from 1972 until today, I have become a better person because of the experience.

As for me, I am blessed.  I am a proud father of two wonderful boys (Blaise and Vince), am married to my wonderful wife (Julie) for 31 years, had a terrific professional career with the last 32 years spent in advertising and television.  Being a business guy in a creative environment was a treat and I loved it.  

Most recently, in July of 2016, I retired and am now dedicated to serving our youth through my participation with a number of boards.  For example, I recently finished my first year as a trustee on the board of Oberlin College (Blaise graduated from Oberlin in 2016).   Here’s a link to my Oberlin trustee bio for those that are interested in the details on my career as well as most of the other things I am now doing in retired life.  Here you go (after clicking this link, scroll down and when you get to the box with all the trustees, scroll to mine and click on it):


If you checked my bio, one thing I’m excited to be doing is teaching my personally designed, high school business course.  Here’s a link to a story about this:


What was not included in my Oberlin bio is my very recent addition to the Advisory Council of Cahn Fellows.  Their mission is to provide management training to public school principals.  This is special not only because of what Cahn Fellows does but also because Andy Adelson called to get me involved with this organization.  Naturally, the opportunity to work with Andy and a few other brothers (Bill Albers, Mason Haupt, & Jeff Kronthal) who are also involved with Cahn Fellows was too good an offer to refuse. 

I’ll close by saying my primary residence is in Los Angeles but we also have a place in the “middle of nowhere” in Montana.  Feel free to visit us if you are ever in LA but If you are ever in or around West Yellowstone, stop by our place to visit us and enjoy the absolute peace and quiet as well as the connection to Mother Nature.


Hugs and love to all,


Steve Dolcemaschio (Class of ‘77)