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2018 Graduate Dylan Adelman Looks Back On His Years with Sigma Nu

Recent graduate Dylan Adelman says being a part of Sigma Nu helped him build bonds that will last a lifetime.

“It goes deeper than just pledging,” Dylan said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re older or younger: everyone’s a brother.”

Dylan was very intrigued by the older generations who were a part of Sigma Nu, so he decided to do some research on the history of the house. Built in the 1850s, the Sigma Nu house at U Penn is the oldest house on campus by over twenty years.

“The addition of the house, which I lived in wasn’t built until 1904,” Dylan said. “We also found some organ pipes, which were brought here in 1907. We think the pipes were for a Christmas show, possibly a musical.”

A Christmas musical in the early 1900’s epitomizes everything Dylan loves about Sigma Nu.

“There’s so much history here,” Dylan said. “Not just for the years you’re here, but with the alum, you immediately form a bond.”

A dual major in finance and accounting, as well as international studies, Dylan attributed much of his success as a freshman to Sigma Nu.

“The fraternity made me much more well-rounded,” Dylan said. “When I first got to Penn, I was involved in a pre-orientation trip, which lasted three days. Through that, I was able to join ‘Pennacle’, a student government and leadership club.”

Dylan met some of his future brothers through Pennacle, and the rest was history.

“The fraternity helped me early on as a freshman,” Dylan said. “I was able to land an internship that summer.”

With a few of his brothers working at the same place, Dylan emphasized how important being in Sigma Nu was for him to land an internship his freshman year. Dylan typically took seven classes each semester, and he admits his social life wouldn’t have been the same if he wasn’t a member of Sigma Nu.

“It was a social place where you meet your best friends for life. Those friends are with you for your best and worst experiences.”

Now that he is an alumni, Dylan has accepted a job at Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb, an investment firm in New York. Dylan is a native Minnesotan, and even though he’s now living far from home, his transition was made easier thanks to his network of brothers in New York. Dylan plans to stay in touch with his brothers as much as possible, and is looking forward to forging new relationships with the rest of the Sigma Nu alumni who came before him.

“People in fraternities love meeting older members,” Dylan said, “they always have the craziest stories.”