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Your Loyalty Makes All the Difference

Thanks to the generosity of those who have donated to the 2017-18 Annual Fund, Beta Rho Chapter might just be able to match what we brought in last year but we are not there yet and we are running out of time! With 88 donors and $20,630 raised so far, we have some ground to cover to match what we had raised last year to-date ($27,484 from 105 donors), and with a few weeks still left to go, if we pull together, we could even surpass last year!

But we can’t lose momentum—Beta Rho still needs you to act. Click HERE to make your donation while there is still time and get your name on the Honor Roll.

At 88 donors so far, there is still a lot of ground to get where we were last year. This number is critical to the continued engagement, success, and overall strength of our chapter.

It takes a special kind of brother to make more than just a symbolic commitment to our brotherhood—to go the extra mile by making a financial commitment, too, no matter how big or small.

Thank you to the following brothers who have given to the Annual Fund so far. Through your generosity, you have also shown us your loyalty.

Ralph "Rox" Reynolds Founder's Circle ($1,000+)
Wilfred Larson 1951
Paul Moore 1951
Michael Armellino 1961
Ofer Nemirovsky 1979
Christopher Wilcock 2005
Beta Rho Legacy Society ($750-$999.99)
Richard Study 1960
Andrew Adelson 1977
Love, Truth, & Honor Circle ($500-$749.99)
Tyler Mahy 1963
Henry Stewart 1964
Frank Shanbacker 1968
David Riddell 1973
Mason Haupt 1976
Steven Dolcemaschio 1977
Zane Grey Society ($350-$499.99)
John Byko 1973
Albert Nocciolino 1973
Christian Cunningham 1985
Brian Upbin 1996
Serpent Society ($250-$349.99)
John MacLeod 1958
Hartwell Davis 1959
William Dugle 1964
Peter Burgum 1965
Samuel Heffner 1965
Peter Gaskin 1966
Mitchell Zimmer 1976
Jeffrey Kronthal 1977
William Albers 1978
William Murphy 1984
Brian Moran 1990
Colin Lang 1998
White Rose Club ($100-$249.99)
Dale Updegraff 1954
George Brown 1959
William Murray 1960
Arthur Ricker 1960
Donald French 1962
Ronald Schafer 1962
David Harshbarger 1966
Richard Sica 1966
Charles Smith 1966
Martin Aydelott 1967
Michael Cantelmo 1967
Michael McGuire 1969
Edwin Olmstead 1969
William Johnson 1970
Kevin Koons 1970
Frederick Batrus 1971
Andrew DeNatale 1972
Robert Thomas 1972
Robert Blasberg 1976
John Zervas 1976
Thomas Sweeney 1979
Christopher Lohan 1981
Ralph Rosato 1981
Mark DeMuro 1983
Edgar Cale 1985
Jay Hansen 1985
Kirk Moyer 1986
Kevin Ryan 1987
John Caby 1989
Simone Dagnino 1989
Chris Tarrach 1996
Neil Anand 2004
David Weinstein 2006
Bryan Haworth 2012
Beta Rho Supporter (Up to $99.99)
Daniel Cowell 1956
Anthony Adams 1962
John DeBruycker 1965
Thomas Ward 1965
Robert Harrison 1968
Ernest Barsamian 1981
Ithan Zimmer 1986
Nikolas Casagrande 1996
Brian Altman 2005
Kevin Shapiro 2012
Jason Littman 2014
Jacob Albano 2015
Matthew Wojcieszek 2017