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Beta Rho Property Company Leadership Changes & Looking Ahead

After 125 years of fraternal operation at the University of Pennsylvania, the brothers of Sigma Nu Beta Rho can stand proud, knowing that we have a strong and vibrant chapter.  There are currently 55+ active brothers in the house, including 13 brothers initiated this spring.  Our active brothers are leaders deeply involved in the University community, carrying a 3.4 average GPA while being involved in over 30 separate University groups.  The state of the active brotherhood has never been stronger.

After a long, distinguished tenure of service, spanning 40+ years, William Herrmann ’68 and Peter Burgum ’65 have stepped down from the Board of Beta Rho Property Company.  We are forever grateful for their dedication and service.  Since 2013, they have overseen nearly $500,000 in house renovation and upgrades, the result of a strong, collaborative effort between the Brotherhood and Property Company.

Continuing board members include Ryan Miller ’00, Patrick McHenry ’92, Neil Anand ’04, Sam Verdugo ’13, and Joshua Chilcote ’15.  The newly constituted board, having each served as a board member for over four years, is prepared and invigorated to work with active brothers to strengthen the chapter as Beta Rho begins its next 125 years at Penn. 

As the newly constituted board begins its tenure, we want to invite and encourage all alumni to be involved in any way large or small.  It never has been easier to incorporate the views and talents of our broad alumni base regardless of geography.  We are only 5 of over 800 living alumni from Beta Rho.  While active and energetic, as a younger board, we are unfortunately also constrained by personal and professional obligations outside of fraternal and other charitable duties.  Small contributions of your time and talent are immensely impactful and appreciated by the board, active brotherhood and fellow alumni. 

While institutionally strong, challenges exist without question as we begin the next 125 years.  In a shift that will undoubtedly diminish Greek Life at the University, school officials have mandated that Sophomore students live in University owned housing (which is not to include any fraternities or sororities).  To meet this challenge, we must further strengthen the active brotherhood’s membership and make our Chapter House a premier living alternative, so as to attract the strongest students to our fold. 

In that vein, nearer term priorities include the continued renovation of 3819 Walnut.  Recently, as we continued that work, substantial structural issues were uncovered in the basement, kitchen and annex areas related to rotted joists and framing that require urgent attention.  Initial estimates indicate sizeable renovation costs ($70,000+) and a large time investment from the Board in coordinating and overseeing these repairs.  With the enhanced generosity of alumni, we also hope, in the near future, to complete renovations of the kitchen (to commercial level quality), laundry and bathrooms, as well as necessary exterior renovations, including a new roof.  It is only with enhanced support of the alumni base that these necessary chapter enhancements will be possible.  Your financial support via donations to the Annual Fund are critical, and we look forward to your continued support. 

Outside of financial contributions, our near term organizational needs include consultation from brothers in the legal profession who can provide guidance as we revise, update, and institute best practices around governance and risk management. 

If you are willing to help us meet and exceed the goals outlined above, please contact Neil Anand ’04, President of Alumni Relations, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (203) 362-8705. 


Thank you!