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We wanted to share some of the responses we got from our August “Question of the Month.” The question was, “What was the top social event at the house the year you graduated?”

During our college years we attended parties, dinners, concerts and every other kind of social event. While some of these memories may fade, everyone has at least one great senior-year memory that stands the test of time. 

For some, it may have been meeting their future spouse. For others, it was a particularly memorable prank. Often, it was the moment where you and your brothers were together in one place for the last time.

These are some of the responses that we received from Brothers who read last month’s eLetter. Check out our question of the month in THIS month’s edition and share a story with the rest of your Brothers.

  • Our Christmas Party. Brother Mozino and a gang brought evergreens from the suburbs to make a a drop ceiling of green! Great band. Great night. Tony 62'