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What were the best nicknames you called your brothers and how did they come about?  

When's the last time you saw a Beta Rho Chapter brother in person? Who were you with, where were you, and what was the occasion? Do you have a photo from that day? 

What do you remember about the top social event the year you graduated? Do you remember your date? Did you happen to marry them? 

What was Sigma Nu known for during your time at Penn? 

Read on to find out how other Beta Rho Chapter of Sigma Nu alumni answered these questions.

Jim Mac ‘59  

 I can relate better to the memories of this time rather than specifics so here are my memories:

  1. My fraternity brother Russ John came from Palm Beach.  One year he got a very popular rock band called from memory "the Hot Nuts" to perform over the weekend.  It was packed with guys and girls from all over the campus. 
  2.  Guy Styles and his wife were our cooks.  He worked there most of his working life. Brother Lem did some of the house cleaning.
  3.  A fellow named Gene owned the laundry next to the Sansom Delicatessen. The Deli was owned by a well known Philly individual.  One member of his team was a guy named Sonny Liston.  Sonny would play checkers with Gene.  Sonny was better known as the heavyweight boxer who lost in a Championship fight to Ali.


Anthony Adams ‘62

Nicknames: Brother Bill Murray ‘60 was known as "Dark Horse" because he usually won the beer chugging contest at the end! Brother Andrew Mozino ‘62 was known as " Poo",  who knows why.

Last time you saw a classmate: I see 4 Beta Rho brothers all the time: Murray, French, Negray,and Mozino. A great tribute to lifetime friendships. At Christmas, 12 Beta Rhos gather at a local country club for lunch, from NY, Chicago, and even California!!

Top social event: By far our top Social event was the Sigma Nu Christmas Ball. There was a great band, and the house was decorated. Great time!

What Sigma Nu was known for: Our classes were not as high grade scholars as later classes and we didn't win any inter fraternity sports trophies, but we had a great time, made lots of friends, and left the chapter in better shape than we found it. From 17 brothers to 50 brothers and the house fixed up pretty good!!

John Serpico ‘82

Nicknames: Everyone had a nickname.  Mine was Paco.  My sophomore year roommate gave everyone a nickname and mine was from the movie Serpico.  My last name is Serpico and Frank Serpico’s girlfriend in the movie called him Paco so my roommate started calling me Paco and it stuck.

Last time you saw a classmate: I had dinner with Kevin Kiley ‘82, Bob Atkins ‘82, and Chris Landsberg ‘82 about a year ago in NYC.  Great to see them and catch up.  No photos.  We are too old for selfies.

Top social event: I mostly remember Spring Fling, although I don’t remember the details because there was a lot of beer consumed.  The brothers and sisters did everything together and it was a lot of fun.  I remember doing the pyramid in the Quad where we stack ourselves on top of each other to build a pyramid.  Luckily, no one was injured. 

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