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Every fraternity thinks they have the best; the best Intramural sports team, the best-looking group of guys, the best parties, and now, as alumni, the best stories to share. What are some fun facts you remember about Sigma Nu? 

Take a look at some history facts below: 

Sigma Nu was established in January 1869.  

Sigma Nu was founded by James Frank Hopkins, Greenfield Quarles, and James McIlvaine Riley. 

The Sigma Nu flower is the white rose. 

The Sigma Nu motto is, “Love, Honor, Truth”. 

A few of the most famous alumni from Sigma Nu are:

Bobby Dodd, College Football Hall of Fame head coach of Georgia Tech football team from 1945-1966, athletic director and namesake to Bobby Dodd Stadium and Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award

Bob Barker, Emmy winning host of The Price is Right

Harrison Ford, Actor who starred in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies, as well as, The Fugitive and many other blockbuster movies

Joe Buck, Sportscaster on FOX television network

Pat Riley, Former LA Laker coach and current President and former coach of the Miami Heat

Can you remember your fraternity history? How about some unknown secrets that bring back memories of the good ‘ole days? We want to know about them! CLICK HERE and tell us your fun facts!